Man who Engineered Indian Cricket- Royal Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly

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                  1998  Sachin captaincy nundi stepped down, fixing issues,  Team worst performances, people lost trust on team and bcci was in pressure  of selecting captain. There is quote Dont loose hope, search and search you will get something so does Bcci did,  atlast they handled captaincy , pressure to One man. May be at that time bcci and Indians didn’t expected that this person will change the fate of Indian Cricket team . suryasthamam ayyaka street lights on chesthe  manaki way ala kanapadutundo suryodham ayye varaki  aalage assalu kanapadani mana Indian cricket  ni street lights vesi suryodayam chuyinchadu ade world cricket ni dominate chesela chesadu With his unparallel leadership qualities, Aggressive Approach. He is non other than Royal Bengal tiger Sourav Ganguly  aka” Dada” aka” God of off side” aka “ Prince of Kolkata”.

The way ganguly lead team is inspiring. He was given captaincy when india team was too low both in confidence and performance. Confidence is what  players want at that time and ganguly succeeded in filling that confidence. Players got the keys and driving is to be learned ade performance. Players ni strong cheyadaniki first home series aadaru and win ayyam   and then he slowly started the bike, winning at overseas is more important than winning at home. He Trained players how to behave on field Im telling you he trained the body languageof players. Never an Indian player nor Indian captain dared to oppose big teams like Australia and England but ganguly with his aggressive nature made opponents to understand what we are in their language. Ganguly’s every cell is filled with patriotism and always wanted our flag to dominate others, in his captaincy span no bookie contacted Indian players for fixing because of dada they know tigers dnt surrender thats the reason out of all we love ganguly’s team.

Ganguly is not only a good captain ,good batsmen too. He along with sachin used to build the innings everytime and used to fill confidence made players like yuvi, sehwag to play free. His front foot shots, off side shots were awesome thats why he is known as god off side .In span of 1 year he score 2200 in 2000  which still unbeaten. Take any Indian player record he will in top5 for surely. His stats will tell that how good player he is and how he used to lead team.

Captain duty is to make win  matches but ganguly thought process is vast and he wants india to dominate. So he started building  future so does he encouraged new talent. The members who took part  in winning world cup was  built by sourav ganguly including ms.This generation Dont know how he used to back his players, He used to warn bcci if he didn’t get the team he want he will resign ani such attitude he maintained. He sacrificed his opening slot to sehwag which was opposed first but he backed and you know the result he became best opener.Yuvi,harbajan,gambhir,sehwag,munaf patel,zaheer,laxman,irfanpathan,gambhir,kaif inka endaro.

Andari life lo ups and downs untayi ganguly ki kuda. Coach greg tho godavalu aadi kuda tana kosam kadhu team kosam and he was called off as captain and from team also but hecame back stron with the same attitude nah much more than before and showed what he is capable of.

We Should thank ipl because this generation kids will know how he is good at filling confidence , guiding,approach to game. Take DD as example most talented but lack of backin, guiding.And management put their team in dada hands and then they made into semifinals. He always believes that if we focuss on process we will get results but this gen players focus on winning match more than results.

He is the one engineered Indian cricket team,one who taught how to win in overseas, how to approach the game, how to behave in field, showed the attitude of india to world made other teams to fear of Indian team.You will remembered until Indian cricket is alivecricket


What If Cricketers Acts in movies

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Cricket , cinema e rendu mana desham lo religion laaga. Players and heros  ni devudi laaga chustham . cinema release ayina, cricket match unna manaki pandage . college bunks, screen mundu racha racha cheyadam, betting lu pettadam, fan wars  tarwatha tittlu tinadam sarva sadaranam. Alanti cricketers if cinema lo act chesthe vallu alanti movie lo chesthe baguntundo just imagine cheskondi, Nenu cheskunnanu. Naa imagination meeda oka look veyandi…

Dhoni – Bharath ane nenu


Ganguly- Chatrapathi




Dhawan- Gabbarsingh




Yuvraj- jersey


Hardik pandya- Ismart shanker


Dravid- Srimantudu


Kohli- Arjun Reddy


Sehwag- Race gurram


Raina – Chennai express


Sachin – Bahubali


Cricketers who deserved a  better farewell

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Cricket ante manaki entha picho cricketers anna kuda anthe pichi. Valla kosam godavalu kuda padtham,vallaki em ayina ayithe manam effect avtham. Antha bonding penchukunna mana favourite player retire avtunnadu ante control cheskovadam chala kastam, aalantidi farewell sarigga lekapothe mana badha varnanarahitam. Aalaga mana india ki enno vijayalu manaki enno memorable moments ichi farewell sarigga andukoni kondaru Indian players.

Virender Sehwag

Sehwag gurinchi kothaga cheppedi em undi first ball nunde badhudu start chestadu, sehwag uppercuts aa pull shots feast manaki.India ki 2 worldcups raadaniki sehwag patra entho undi , sehwag ante ne full entertainment batting chestunnapudu songs padatam, fielding time lo jokes veyadam full meals pedtadu,aalanti sehwag tanu retire aye mundu farewell match aadutha ani  bcci ki request pettina they didn’t accepted it. Allow chesi unte bagundedi ayina mana sehwag anna manam feel avtunnam ani commentary and twitter tho manaki entertainment istunnadu.

Gautam gambhir

The unsung hero of india, man of finals, gambhir lekapothe manam worldcups geliche vallam kadu.He is not only a best batsmen but aggressive captain kkr 2 titles gelvadaniki reason gambhir eh. Ground lo entha aggressive ga untado bayata kuda anthe full patriotic. 2 world cup andinchina gambhir ki Bcci matram farewell match aadinchaledu.

Zaheer khan

Swing king , one  of best bowlers India ever produced. 2011 world cup lo highest wicket taker , konni years mana bowling back bone ,wickets tisaka zaheer chese racha anadariki istam aalanti zaheer khan okka farewell match kosam adigithe bcci chance ivvale atleast bowling coach kuda appoint cheyale.

Yuvraj singh

One of the most heartbreak moments em  ayina undi ante ide. Tana life kuda risk chesi india kosam worldcup techadu.Six sixes, ipl hatricks, fieldings lo stunts enni cheppina takkuve .Every time he walks in he will make sure he will give some memorable moments to cherish. Cult mass following yuvi paa sontham, kani 2 years wait chesina itu bcci kani, ipl lo Mumbai kani yuvi ki team lo place ivvale  they disrespected worldcup hero and they lost our respect .


  Yu retired, Vi cried

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Monna Ganguly, sachin, dravid ninna gambir,zaheer eroju yuvi paa mana favourite cricketers andaru retire avthu manalni edipistunnaru and our childhood is slowly fading away.After sachin, ganguly he is the one who got tremendous fan following all over the world on and off field. Absent for 100 matches playing 101 match still he gets same cheers and chanting which we call as “mass following”. Entha sepu crease lo unna tana shots,attitude tho fans ki full meals pedthadu. Feeling low, in need of strong determination,passion then he is the man to look. The man who kept his life in danger to win wc for india. Even  after diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung, he didn’t gave up on the sport this tells how much passion he have  for cricket and how strong determined he is. That made him one of the best allrounder , biggest match winner our country ever produced.In his 19 years of career he gave us millions of wonderful moments which we will cherish for long time. Every time he enters ground its a moment for us but some of the best 5 moments of yuvi paa which will  be remembered until cricket is alive.

 1) 84 vs Aus debut match,  ICC KnockOut Trophy

First match a tana satta ento prapanchaniki chuyinchadu. He is man of big tournaments ani first match lo cheppesadu. mana team trimurthulu sachin,ganguly,dravid out ayyaka match poyindi anukunnaru andaru aapudu vachadu crease lo ki 18 yrs kurradu mcgrath, lee, Gillespie lanti bowlers unna team ni edurukoni 84 runs kottadu. E innings lo yuvraj batting style chusi fida avvani vallu leru.Tana entry lo world no 1 team ki poyyinchadu.


2) Eng vs Ind Natwest final, 2002.

Natwest final win worldcup win kante famous mana Indians attitude ento chuyincharu. Flintoff Mumbai lo shirt tisesadu, daniki samadanam cheppali anukunna ganguly ki yuvraj support ga nilichadu. Kaif tho partnership built chesi win ayyela chesadu.


3)6 6 6 6 6 6 vs England, 2007  T20 worldcup.

Assalu e tournament antha yuvi hawa ne unde. Inka munde manodiki kopam ekkuva gelikithe anthe aalanti flintoff kaka gelikadu anthe cricket history lo ne best moment ki reason ayyadu. Papam broad kaka bali ayyadu. Broad vesina over lo 6 sixes kottadu daniki thodu shatri mama commentary oka mass scene chustunatte untadi.. Bore kodtunda watch this high feel avtharu.

4) Yuvi show in 2011 worldcup

Manam 2 time world cup gelicham ante daniki main reason yuvi ne. 2011 lo jarigina worldcup lo alagyna sachin kosam 100 crores prajala kosam adadu. Middle lo blood vomit cheskunna avariki cheppakunda tana life ne danger lo petti india ki worldcup techadu. See his journey in worldcup u will cry,u will learn.

5) 150, India vs England, 2017

Cancer diagnosed  tarwatha yuvi paa inka cricket adaru anukunnaru kani telsinde kada yuvi ki cricket ante entha istamo cancer kuda jayinchadu but form lo ravadaniki kastapadaledu team lo ki entry isthu veltunnadu aapudu vachindi e tsunami innings. England ante yuvi ki enduku antha premo ardam kadu 29-3 unna india ni 350+ cross cheyinchadu kukka ni kottinattu kottadu.

Ela enno unnayi cheppatam kastam 17 years nundi mana andarini entertain chesthu sudden ga mana andariki heart break ayyela chesadu. We miss your celebration, we miss you in the ground, we miss your sixes But cricket will never miss you. You inspired us, you made us believe in our passion .Thank you for everything. All the best for your future.


Wierd games we have  never heard off

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Games ante avariki istam undadhu,homework  kuda pakkana pettesi aadevallam.Kani manam anni adevallam kadu,and manaki telsina games kuda konne mana oorlo adinavo lekapothe tv lo chusina games anthe and ave  unnayi anukuntam.But manaki teliyanivi games kuda unnayi bahusa manam apudu vinale kabatti manaki teliyadu . Aala manaku teliyani konni wierd games

1.Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw and volley ball same kani volley ball hands tho aadutam sepak Takraw legs tho aadutam  anduke deeni kick ball ani kuda antaru. Southeast Asia lo chala famous but manam apudu vinale and chudale e game inka em adutam.

2.Shin Kicking

Meeku leg touch game gurtunda konchem aalane untundi game. Shin-kicking, also known as hacking or purring,is a combat sport that involves two contestants attempting to kick each other on the shin in order to force their opponent to the ground. It has been described as an English martial art.

3.Caber Tossing

The caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event in which competitors toss a large tapered pole called a “caber”. It is normally practised at the Scottish Highland Games. In Scotland the caber is usually made from a Larch tree and is typically 19 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.


Harry porter lo untunde chudandi aa game a idi.Quidditch is a sport of two teams of seven players each mounted on broomsticks played on a hockey rink-sized pitch.The game is also sometimes referred to as muggle quidditch to distinguish it from the fictional game, which involves magical elements such as flying broomsticks and enchanted balls.

5.Wife carrying

Wife carrying is a contest in which male competitors race while each carrying a female teammate. The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time.


6.Chess Boxing

 Chess boxing, or chessboxing, is a hybrid that combines two traditional pastimes: chess, a cerebral board game, and boxing, a physical sport. The competitors fight in alternating rounds of chess and boxing.

7.Dog surfing

Manam human beings surf cheyadam chusam but e game lo dogs surf chestayi. Dog surfing involves dogs that are trained to surf on surfboardsbodyboardsskimboardswindsurf boards or to bodysurf.

8.Unicycle football

Basic ga football manam legs tho adatam chusam kani e game vere . The Unicycle Football League is a Texas-based league for the sport of unicycle football. Unicycle football is similar to American football except that it is played on unicycles.

9.Blind soccer

Blind Football is variation of futsal designed for players who are blind or visually impaired.

10.Card Board tube Fighting league

E game mana balloon game similar ga untundi ade andi balloons body ki kattuoni mana ballons pagalakunda opponent vi pagalagottali deentlo opponent tubes pagalagottali.